3 Unique Hobbies for Truckers

It doesn’t take long for a drive to feel, well, long. When you’re on the road all the time, the travel can seem monotonous. Having a hobby that you can take with you on the road is a good way to keep your mind active and give you something to look forward to between stretches on the road. We know the basic hobbies for truckers everyone suggests: photography, cooking, journaling, podcasts. Here are 3 more hobbies that are a little more unique (including one that is a throwback).

Start a TikTok hobby

3 Unique Hobbies for Truckers - Start a TikTok

Despite what you’ve heard, TikTok isn’t just for teenagers. It is full of Millennials, Gen-Xers, and yes, even truckers. Even if you don’t go viral, having a TikTok is fun and it’s easy to do. All you need is your phone and your mobile connection. You don’t need fancy lighting, effects, or outfits. In fact, unless you are one of the cosplays (fans who dress in costume) TikTokers, an authentic video will do better.

The most popular TikTok videos tend to be 60-seconds or less since these are the easiest for people to share and respond to. That short format makes it ideal for recording at stops. Some ideas of things you can share as a trucker on TikTok include,

  • Anecdotes about being a trucker
  • Trivia about areas you drive through
  • Tips for other drivers to be safe around big trucks
  • What non-truckers do on the road that grinds your gears

These are just a few of the ideas of video-oriented hobbies for truckers. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Bonus: If you take your partner or kid on the road with you on trips sometimes, you can have them record you in the truck as well. Remember road safety is tops, so let your co-pilot take over the phone on the road.

Start a Trucking Collection

3 Unique Hobbies for Truckers - Start a Collection

Wait. You’re telling me that you drive all over the country, visiting different places, and you don’t have a collection yet? Yes, this is the thing that our grandparents did when they traveled places. They did it because those items were triggers for memories and stories. While to you that random truck stop in the middle of Alabama might be a mundane place you visit every week or so, for your family and friends, it may be a place they’ve never been before. Turn these places into their own stories with collections.

Some fun ideas for truck stop collections (that can also be very inexpensive) include:

  • Coffee cups
  • Shot glasses
  • Postcards
  • Food packaging for regional snacks and drinks
  • Local promo cards (you know, those cards advertising services sitting on the countertop?)

Become a Truck Stop Connoisseur

3 Unique Hobbies for Truckers - Become a Truck Stop Connoisseur

Hey, if Guy Fieri could do it, so can you. You stop at all kinds of places to eat on the road, most of them being truck stops because you’re pinched for time on the road and need to eat while you fuel up. Why not take a moment to reflect on the meal, decide how you feel about it, and share that opinion as a trucking hobby? Blogs, Instagram, and TikTok are all great places to share your opinions on food (be sure to ask permission if you share pictures of the food). Share the highlights, what your favorite foods are at different stops, and why you choose those.

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3 Unique Hobbies for Truckers

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