3 Ways to Succeed as an OTR Owner-Operator with REY Logistics

We all know too well that in the trucking industry, especially as an owner operator, it is equal parts rewarding and hard work. There is a fine line between what is realistic and what are pipe dreams. REY Logistics helps all our owner-operators achieve all their expectations. Here are our 3 ways to succeed as an OTR Owner-Operator with REY Logistics.


1. Build long-term relationships. Jumping from carrier to carrier only costs money, and the reason you have to jump is probably because you didn’t do enough research up front.

Rates, costs, customers, safety records, internal relationships all affect your operation. Know what you getting into before you sign on so you won’t have to quit and start all over again in three months.

With REY Logistics we focus on making sure our owner-operator group is taken care of and has all the transparency we can provide. We’ve heard the horror stories of settlements being nowhere close to promised. REY Logistics sets you up with a dedicated recruiter who walks you through the whole process, shows you true rate confirmations and settlements without sticky notes covering up prices, we then go over those settlements so you know exactly what deductions were made and what your take home will be.


2. Understand and accept that people will pay you only for the work you do.

If you’re willing to do more work and take on more responsibility, you’ll earn more. It’s as simple as that. How do you earn those big bucks? We all know drivers are only as successful as their dispatchers.

REY Logistics will set you up with a 24/7 personal dispatcher. You will be set up with a personal dispatcher who will make it their goal to keep you on the road to make sure you’re earning exactly how much you want. Our goal is to keep you moving and to keep you making money. If you aren’t earning, we aren’t earning.


3. Never lose sight of the fact that trucking is a business, and your truck is a tool.

Much like a handyman would not be able to do work without his tool belt. Your truck is your tool and making sure its maintenance is kept up and you pass all your safety inspections is crucial. With REY Logistics you have access to our 24/7 dedicated safety team comprised of previous DOT officers that make sure your rig is never out of commission.


The work the trucking industry does is crucial to the way of life of all Americans. Without our owner-operators OTR group the economy of the US would be in bad shape. REY Logistics makes sure our owner-operators get the best piece of the pie for this vital work. At an 80/20 split our OTR group grosses, on average $7,000 weekly, sign-on incentives of $15,000, and even more performance bonuses.


Interested in REY Logistics OTR Owner-Operator Group? Call us at 833-REYLOGS or apply here


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