5 Realistic Tips for Staying Healthy on The Road

We don’t have to tell you that trucking presents many occupation-related challenges. CDC surveys show that long-haul truck drivers are more likely to smoke, be overweight, and develop heart problems and diabetes, compared to other US workers.

Try following these simple tips to start developing healthier habits:

1. Recognize that what you put into your body is 75% of the battle. You probably know well what FOODS (and drinks!) you should avoid and which ones are missing from your diet (veggies, leafy greens, berries, anyone?)

2. If you’re still smoking – QUIT. There are multiple aides on the market that can help you finally get rid of this habit (nicotine replacement therapy, behavioral therapy, prescription meds, and more). If you don’t want to quit smoking, at least switch to vaping. It is not harmless but at least it’s not as harmful as cigarettes.

3. The flu season is coming! Get your SHOTS now. You can just walk into a pharmacy on your day off. Most people don’t develop any side effects after a vaccination, so that shouldn’t affect your ability to work.

4. This one is ironic. SLEEP. Truckers are well known for being able to stay awake in any given situation, but if you’re working hard, remember to give your body some rest so it can recover. Nothing beats a good health nap.

5. EXERCISE. Can’t? Then stretch! Still can’t? At least watch your posture. Set reminders to do so.

BONUS TIP! If you fail – just try again. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail to implement these.

It only matters how many times you BOUNCE BACK and start a new, healthier journey for yourself, your loved ones, and all those receiving the goods you’re hauling.

Be safe and healthy!
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