5 Reasons Why REY Logistics is the Best Choice for Owner-Operators and Fleet Owners

Are you an owner-operator or fleet owner looking for the next challenge in your career? Then join us here at REY Logistics! If you find you’re busting a gut to earn a decent income from trucking, it might be time for a change. Here at REY Logistics, we’re always looking for experienced and hardworking owner-operators to join our team. Unlike most FTL service providers, we pay our owner-operators what they deserve while doing all we can to make their job as easy as possible. Here are 5 reasons why REY Logistics is the best choice for owner-operators and fleet owners like you.

1) Earn over $7,000 per week

That’s right—$7,000 per week! Many of our owner-operators come to REY Logistics and instantly start to earn more than they’ve ever made before. With our generous offer of at least $2.93 per mile, you’ll quickly rack up the cash and earn like you should from all your hard work.

2) Benefit from our generous offers

At REY Logistics, we don’t only offer the opportunity to earn over $7,000 per week, we also provide a great array of generous benefits and offers. These include:

  • a $15,000 sign-on bonus
  • a fuel discount of over $0.50 per gallon
  • quick virtual orientation so you can be on the road within 48hrs
  • a plate program with 2290 and IFTA
  • 24/7 assistance
  • $275 per week for cargo and liability
  • a safety bonus program

With all these added benefits, you can concentrate on what’s important—earning money while on the road!

3) A dedicated 24/7 dispatcher

Dispatchers are your eyes and ears on the road—they help you efficiently navigate so you can spend as much time as possible hauling freight. At REY Logistics, we provide the services of a 24/7 dispatcher for every owner-operator that joins our team. This means you can be efficient with your time to ensure you earn to your full potential.

4) Flexible working times

One of the main benefits of being an owner-operator is the ability to work and earn on your own terms. At REY Logistics, we totally get that, which is why we let our drivers work the hours they want. In trucking, a flexible work-life balance is important—especially with so many hours spent on the road. With our flexible approach, you can make good earnings while also regularly seeing your family.

5) Be part of a growing owner-operator community

REY Logistics brings together some of the best owner-operator truckers in the country. With a community of such enthusiastic truckers by your side, you’ll continue to learn and develop as a trucker. To find out more about the experiences of owner-operator truckers with REY Logistics, check out these testimonials from our current owner-operator drivers.

Here at REY Logistics, we understand that truckers need to be appreciated for what they do. By encouraging our owner-operators to reach their full potential, we will all see the benefits that come from hard work and a passion for trucking. So, if you’re an owner-operator or fleet owner looking for a new challenge where you get paid what your work is worth, contact us here at REY Logistics!

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