About Us

Serving truckload transportation needs of the top shippers all across America

Founded in May of 2016, REY Logistics has grown steadily growth and has reached a high degree of acceptance within the trucking community for its creation of efficient and safe shipping shipping giving shippers an effective way to move products smoothly around the country. As a leading FTL services provider throughout the continental United States, REY has developed an extensive and dedicated fleet of owner-operators that are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. REY Logistics has realized a significant amount of growth in the FTL market segment. As such, we have proven to be a reliable and integral part of the supply chain process for all of our consumers and clients.

Moving products from coast to coast can be a logistics nightmare. Not at REY Logistics!

Our capacity to meet deadlines is the hallmark of REY’s core value. We employ software and a dispatch structure that drives the most efficient delivery scheduling possible. We further work vigorously diligently with the fastest and safest delivery possible. Our dispatch structure and the experience of our dedicated drivers has enabled us to reduce the time and money spent on shipping and receiving freight each and every day on a nationwide.

Our Mission

Create fine tuned, expertly managed logistic services that becomes the standard for the transportation industry.

Our Focus

To deliver consistency, integrity, and a dedicated commitment of excellence for those we serve and our owner-operators allow us to enhance the efficiency of the retail supply chain.

We’re moving supplies from the nation’s production lines to super-market shelves across our great country with:



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