Alternate Routes to Get You Around the I-40 Bridge Closure

Earlier this month a structural crack was found during a routine inspection of the I-40 bridge connecting Tennessee and Arkansas. This bridge has been closed indefinitely which could spell trouble for the trucking industry and this is a vital pathway for the country’s supply chain. Luckily, REY Logistics scouted some alternate routes to get you around the I-40 closure.

Arkansas I-40 eastbound traffic should take exit 5 onto Interstate 55 and cross the Mississippi River into Memphis.

Tennessee I-40 westbound should take the I-55 bridge across the Mississippi and then take Exit 4 in Arkansas to access I-40 westbound.

Truckers could also take Highway 49, a route that is 70 miles south of the I-40 bridge.

As always, REY Logistics is here with 24/7 Safety and Dedicated Dispatch to help our team at anytime, anywhere.

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