Dispatchers Make or Break The Trucking Industry

Dispatchers Make or Break the Trucking Industry


Every trucker knows the way to success is optimizing your time spent on the road to maximize your profits. Dead heads, shipments issues, and an array of other obstacles can keep the hardest working driver from earning the most.

Sitting down with REY Logistics Dispatch Manager, Scott Fontes, he details the 4 best tips of the trade as a dispatcher.


  1. Be A Great Communicator

Here at REY Logistics, we focus on dedicated dispatchers. Meaning when our truckers call in, they aren’t getting a random person in an office and they’re not a number. We work with our truckers every day and learn what they like and what they don’t. We build routes that make sense for them while making sure they make the most money while on the road.


  1. No Forced Dispatch


Any dispatcher worth their title should be able to get the best loads and routes that fit with the truckers wants and needs. While it’s a still a business, there’s an abundance of opportunities all over, meaning there is no reason to force dispatch.


  1. Be A “Firefighter”


Scott said it best, “we are firefighters” referring to the number of problems that can occur while on the road. From truck break downs, shipping delays, and a multitude of other issue that can arise part of what makes REY Logistics dispatch better than the rest is our dedication to problem solving. Our dispatchers don’t come in 9-5 and leave you to figure out the rest after they leave for the day, REY Logistics has a fully dedicated 24/7 dispatch team to problem solve whenever they occur.


  1. Money, Money, Money

While there is a deep passion that goes into truck driving and being on the road, at the end of the day, it’s about the money. When dispatchers pay attention to things like weight, mileage etc. Fuel costs go down and net the driver more money. Scheduling loads after one another, and with minimal dead head keeps drivers profitable. At REY Logistics we see our drivers grossing $7k+ weekly, and that’s due to the relationship building done by the dispatcher, brokers, and the driver.

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