Logistic Solutions

Our Managed Logistic solutions are designed to expand and streamline your shipping needs by fusing all of our experience and capabilities.

Whether you need assistance with a single load, a single location, or your work done over your entire transportation network, REY Logistics works hard for you so you can focus on your business.

Our logistic solutions include a wide range of load planning, shipment tracking and freight services. With a sophisticated integrated logistics center structure and a host of supply chain options, you’re in good hands.

Our Solutions Approach

We’re Strategic

Consultation is based off of our customers' goals and tactical partnerships. All approaches keep customers’ entire supply chain in mind.

We’re Hands-on

Proactive and transparent are some of the ways we keep clients aware of what’s happening with their shipments.

We’re Knowledgeable

Our experience is extensively based on transportation services across a wide range of industries.

We’re Intuitive

Data and information drive transportation choices and performance. Creative options consider costs and opportunities while optimizing delivery routes

Leverage to Optimize

We show clients where savings take place by evaluating best options impacting speed and delivery at ideal costs.

We Build Relationships

We communicate regularly with partners, customers and our extensive trucking network to establish close affiliations to ensure customer needs are ultimately met.

How we do it:

Success for you to making you successful

Our agile and innovative shipping solutions are tailored to a wide variety of business needs because we understand what shippers need. You have unique needs and performance demands. As a result, we must provide customized solutions that are critical to help supply chain savings through our services, technology and expertise.
Our logistics managers are the best at what they do. REY Logistics deploys structured account management, continuous improvement programs, and business intelligence that combines innovative reporting with cutting edge dashboard technology that enables shippers to stay connected 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Premier customer service is what sets us apart from our competition. At REY Logistics, your dedicated Logistics Service Representative is responsible for each step in the load process and is strategically dedicated to success for you. It’s accountability that most customers don’t experience in this industry.

Support & Driver Access

Together at REY Logistics, we connect the world. The only way to do that in a complex, fast-moving industry is to have the right people and resources to solve what our shippers demand.

One size does not fit all in the trucking industry. Our drivers are at the core of how goods move around the country on a daily basis. They must be supported by proprietary technology that is quickly adaptable, highly scalable, and uniquely easy to use for our clients, partners, and vendors. Through a wide variety of efficiently integrated portals, we ensure better data collection and transmission, seamless communication, comprehensive reporting, and real-time visibility.

If you demand responsiveness and exceptional service via every client interaction, know that the support we provide for our front-line drivers serves as the basis and outcomes being delivered by REY Logistics.


If what you’re preparing to ship is too large to be delivered as a package, you have two freight shipping alternatives with REY Logistics: Full Truckload (FTL) & Less-than-Truckload (LTL).

The logistics responsible for both of these modes are incredibly varied, but in the end, REY will ship your freight where it needs to go efficiently and effectively. And here is how:

– We can guarantee the right equipment for your shipment
– With trucks running nationwide, we can coordinate for timely a pick-up and delivery on every load.
– A large range of equipment enables us to haul loads from 1,000 to 45,000 Lbs.
– Flat rate shipments remove any surprise fees or costs.
– So, our upfront pricing brings integrity back to the field of trucking.

Specialty or Dedicated

REY Logistics has a portfolio of transportation services that is flexible, efficient, and dynamically dialed in to what your needs are. Plus our goal is to get your products to your customers the most cost effective way possible.

Our Freight Management services give you access to dedicated and specialty truckloads along with the most advanced technology available. We offer the insight, management expertise, purchasing power, and standard operating practices it takes to advance visibility, make better use of assets, reduce your costs and improve customer service. Here are some specifics:

– Every load will be handled by one specific REY Logistics carrier.
– Eliminating drop and hook loads as well as minimizing the amount of hands on the freight greatly reduces the chance of damages.
– Dry van and flatbed capabilities allow us to run a diverse range of freight.
– Team drivers are available upon request to expedite your shipment and ensure delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Other Solutions

Sometimes it just takes more to service a client than brag about technology and capabilities. On the other hand, we strive to assure that the basic blocking and tackling of good business is in fact in place to justify being an industry leader. Some ways that we do that is to:

– Create a communications environment where “EVERY” department within REY Logistics has the capability to do business without worrying about language barriers. Each area is bilingual which means communication will never be a concern to you.

– 24 hour safety support and dispatch services has become a cliché in the trucking industry. We take it serious and can ensure you that we’re there when you need us. Running with REY is like having an office riding shotgun with you.

– Top of the line integration streamlines documentation and paperwork in a way that revolutionizes the industry. Its’ about:

  1. Simplifying workflow and then
  2. Accessing industry data in a way that enables better decision making

– Application backed programs that allow you complete access to all the information you’ll need. All at your finger tips.

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