Owner-Operator Jobs – REY Logistics Is Now Hiring

Have you considered becoming an owner-operator, but are wondering what it entails? Perhaps you’re considering if it’s the right choice in your career and is looking at the advantages and disadvantages. REY Logistics is now hiring owner-operators across the country, and the benefits have never been better. So let’s look at why you should become an owner-operator and what REY will do for you. 

You Have Ultimate Flexibility

As an owner-operator, you choose what jobs you take. You decide on your loads, where you go, and what schedule you’ll keep for your business. Do you prefer local jobs that allow you to build relationships with distributors and receivers? Is the open road calling you? Perhaps you’d like the flexibility for local and regional routes as well as over-the-road trucking that will let you see new places. 

What REY Offers You: 

  • 24/7 dedicated dispatch to help ensure a successful run, no matter the distance and destination
  • Your choice of OTR or Regional loads
Owner-Operator Jobs

Owner-Operator Jobs

You Have Room to Grow Your Career

As a business owner, you get to decide where you want your career to go. Are you happy having your own truck and managing yourself? Maybe you want to create a family business or even grow your own fleet. As an owner-operator, you have the power to decide how large or small your business will be. 

What REY Offers You: 

  • Our tools, resources, and benefits are available for individual owner-operators, small teams, and full fleets
  • We provide a virtual orientation that gets you and your team on the road within 48 hours

Power Over Earnings (as well as Taxes and Expenses)

Because you choose your hauls, schedule, and distances, you determine what you can earn as an owner-operator. The flexibility to control how you work also lets you manage your expenses as a trucker. You can build relationships with maintenance teams and suppliers to help you control expenses. Meanwhile, as an owner, you gain a number of tax deductions. 

What REY Offers

  • Great rates on loads
  • $1 or more off each gallon of fuel
  • $15k sign-on bonus

Whether you own your own truck, work with a small team, or are looking for a partner for your fleet, REY Logistics will get you rolling. From our dedicated dispatch team to our bonus and fuel savings, we offer exactly what truckers need to make their businesses succeed. 

Contact us if you have questions about becoming an owner-operator with REY or apply now. 

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