Owner-Operator vs. Company Truck Drivers

Trucking is one of the most stable professions. It is vital to the US economy and the smooth running of the national network of logistics. Every day, thousands of truck drivers deliver goods on time to where they need to be, keeping the country functioning and the economy going. While it may seem simple enough, employing and organizing this country-wide fleet of drivers is not easy. When it comes to trucking, there are two main types of truck drivers: company truck drivers and owner-operator truck drivers. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting the benefits of both these employment types, offering you a run-down of their pros and cons.

Company trucking

Company truck drivers operate similarly to most other types of employment. The company they drive for takes care of everything they need—their truck, pay, schedule, route planning, and cargo. All they need to do is turn up and drive. One of the major benefits of trucking like this is the ability to switch off when you’re not at work. There’s no need to worry about repairs to your truck, planning your routes for the upcoming weeks, or other overhead expenses such as signing up with a dispatcher. 

However, there are also downsides to being a company truck driver. They tend to earn less than owner-operator truck drivers and don’t have as much control of their day-to-day schedule. They are also dependent on the company, so if there’s a downturn in the economy or disruption to the logistics network in the region, they could lose work altogether. In this sense, company trucking is less flexible than owner-operator trucking.

Owner operator trucking

Owner-operators are essentially self-employed truck drivers that own their trucks and manage the jobs they do themselves. They usually partner with an FTL services provider such as us here at REY Logistics. Owner-operators usually earn significantly more than company truck drivers as they can take full control of their finances. What’s more, owner-operators can schedule their own time. This enables them to fit their work around their home life and find a good balance between work and family. As trucking is renowned for being particularly hard on family life, this freedom to schedule your time is a major attraction for career truckers.

It’s not all perfect for owner-operators. They are responsible for all the overheads relating to their job—truck repairs, route planning, signing up with a dispatcher, and any unforeseen expenses. Owner-operator overheads can add up significantly, meaning their earnings are based on how good they are at running their own logistics business.

Being an owner-operator with REY Logistics

Here at REY Logistics, we help owner-operators earn to their full potential. We strip back the fluff so they can get on with what’s important. With REY Logistics, owner-operators can earn over $6k per month, have a dedicated dispatcher, and benefit from great add-ons such as a $15,000 sign-on bonus, $200 per week for liability & cargo, and a $0.50+ fuel discount per gallon. With all these benefits, earning a living through being an owner-operator has never been easier. Fill out our online application form or give us a call today to start your journey and earn big as an owner-operator truck driver.

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