Get Benefits as an Owner Operator with REY Logistics

As an owner-operator, you already know the benefits of owning your own business. You have the freedom to chart your success, whether you’re an individual driver or lead a fleet. Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur can have one serious drawback – the lack of employee benefits. REY can provide you with the employee benefits you need while allowing you to maintain the freedom and self-determination that being an owner-operator affords you. So, let’s look at the importance of employee benefits, how they apply to entrepreneurs like yourself, and how REY Logistics company benefits can help you and your family!

Why Are Employee Benefits Important?

Employee benefits help build trust between workers and their employers. When workers see the companies they work for investing in their health and well-being, they report higher job satisfaction and show more initiative and innovation in the workplace.

How This Translates to Entrepreneurs

As an owner-operator, you are your employer. Making the investment in your health and well-being can have the same effects on yourself as it would have on an employee. You practice a form of self-care and ensure that you have better health outcomes when and if you do get sick. You also reward yourself for your hard work and dedication to your truck and fleet.

REY Logistics Company Benefits for Owner-Operators

At REY Logistics, we want you to enjoy all of the benefits of owning your own business. As an owner-operator, you’re in charge of how you run your truck or fleet. Our job is to ensure that your business flourishes and you have the benefits and rewards that you need and want.

When you join REY Logistics, you get,

  • 10% or more DISCOUNT on FUEL
  • $15,000 SIGN-ON BONUS
  • OTR or REGIONAL loads (your choice)
  • Health insurance available
  • 24/7 Dedicated Personal Dispatcher
  • Virtual orientation (be on the road in 48 hours)
  • Plate Program with 2290 and IFTA
  • Safety bonus program for good inspections
  • Occupational insurance for 35% less than the average policy
  • No forced dispatch
  • Ride-along program, and more.

Stay On Top with REY Logistics Company

Do you like what we offer our owner-operators? Then let REY Logistics help manage your trucking business.

If you’re an owner-operator on your own or in charge of a full fleet, contact us today to see how our solutions can enhance your business.

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